This prelate outfit suggestion consists of a robe, stole and adjustable biretta.


Robe $568.75
Black satin with a white satin adjustable skirt. Standing collar, bloused sleeves, unlined.


Stole $269.10
White satin with red satin crosses. 


Biretta $199.95
Black satin with white crosses, trim and tassel, adjustable.


Total for outfit: $1,037.80


The adjustable skirt enables our full-length robes to be shortened or lengthened by four inches.


Pricing estimates are for sizes up to 46. An additional 15% charge is added for sizes 47-59 and
20% for sizes 60 and larger. 


Pricing is approximate, as all costumes are custom made.

Handling, insured delivery and sales tax (if applicable) will be added to these prices.


Please call or email for ordering information.


Call: 269-344-4299  Toll Free (outside Michigan): 888-344-4299


Prelate #5157

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