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This costume adds greatly to the dignity and royal pageantry of the ceremonial. The generously sized, fringed and embroidered mantle is particularly complimentary of dramatic gestures. It is skillfully embroidered on the back with a large colorful Arabian design, illustrated here above the arm. The brocades are rich, lustrous and comfortable. The richly embroidered front of the robe is embellished with colorful jewels. The turban adds a regal touch, with its ostrich plume and the star and crescent emblem of sparkling imitation diamonds. The turban has an adjustable floating sweatband and the skirt of the robe adjusts up or down. This costume will help any Noble to portray the Potentate part to perfection.


Please call or email for pricing information.


Call: 269-344-4299  Toll Free (outside Michigan): 888-344-4299



SKU: 4694
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